UCLA publishes new research on nail industry in the US

LOS ANGELES, California (NV) – UCLA University Labor Center has just released a study of nail industry data in the United States, including many details related to Vietnamese people and their key workforce. industry, Tuesday, November 27. The study is titled “Nail Files: A Study of Nail Salon and Industry in the United States.” This is the first study at the national level, focusing on nail industry. In addition to new discoveries, the study shows that 78% of nail workers receive low salaries, compared with 33% of all other industry employees being underpaid. Nail workers work in challenging environments and have problems with labor laws, and are often classified as improper independent contractor. Nail salons are mainly owned by immigrants and refugees, most of them are family-run businesses, and 68% of shops have fewer than five employees. The main labor force in the nail industry is mainly Vietnamese, followed by Koreans, Chinese, Nepali, Tibetan, and Latino. Among nail workers, 81% are women, and 79% are born abroad.

The study also predicts that nail industry will double compared to other industries in the next decade, and the study authors also suggest some important policies for those working in this industry, that is, security. ensuring quality work and protection under the labor laws, ensuring workplace must be protected as well as applying some rules, supporting business promotion and good employers, ensuring hygiene and Safe for nail workers. The study was conducted by UCLA through collaboration with the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative. (DD.)

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