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Vlinkgroup is a pioneering enterprise with a primary objective to industrialize the nail and beauty industry. We want to create an ecosystem that provides all of the necessary utilities which the industry requires in a methodical and professional manner. Vlinkgroup has a deep understanding of the difficulties and shortcomings currently faced, both within the industry and its immediate environment. Through a specific vision and strategy, Vlinkgroup aims to improve the quality of the industry and guarantee ROI for investors.

The Vlinkgroup is born at a time when the nail business and indeed the beauty industry in general, particularly in the US, is facing many problems. While the overall growth is showing signs of slowing down, the difficulties in maintaining and ensuring service quality while under competitive pressure, coupled with fierce intervention from authorities, is making small nails salons face increasing hardships.

In such a landscape, Vlinkgroup wants to build a competitive advantage for small nail salons by standardizing and creating a complete ecosystem for this service industry. Specifically, Vlinkgroup will manage and influence the process of personnel training, quality assurance, facilities, and legal procedures to create the best conditions for workers and nail salon owners like, helping them to feel rest assured in their business.


Vlink Nail Lounge

Vlink Cafe & Spa

Nail Materials Supply

Potential Trading Product


Real Estate Trading


Creative and Innovative

We promote an innovation and design service experience to attract consumers' imagination wherever they are - at home, physical stores, on mobile or social media.

Customer benefits

Customers’ and investors’ benefits always come first. Providing meaningful benefits to discerning consumers and profits to investors is what drives innovation throughout the Group.


Always ensure credibility with customers, partners and investors including colleagues

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity with partners, customers and transparency in business is one of the top criteria that determines the success or failure of the business, and one that VLinkgroup fully embraces.

Sharing and learning

Sharing knowledge, solutions and profits to create sustainable development and value for for the community to develop.

Connecting Vietnam Talents

Building a talented and energetic team through career development and succession planning.


High And Ensured Profit Rate

When investing in VLinkgroup, you don't need to worry about setting up a nail salon from scratch because we have built an optimal management process thanks to the synergies of many different partners in the beauty industry.

Strong relationship

We will make use of our existing intimate relationships to accelerate business growth, saving a lot of time and effort. Our network fully covers the essential parts of the nail industry: nail owners, construction, academy, suppliers, law firm, IT solution company, ...

Deep Market Insight

Currently, the nail business is no longer attractive to investors. Many nail salons do not create the desired profit to last long. At VLinkgroup, we understand those unsettled problems as well as possessing the ability to solve them.

Fully Optimized Procedure

You only need $5,000 to be our Shareholder with profit rate up to 300% after 5 years and which is always guaranteed, without the cost of initial setup.
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total
50% + 50% + 50% + 50% + 50% + 250 % +
  • Presented above is an ensured profit rate for shareholders, minimum each year, divided by share rate.
  • After 5 years, shareholders will receive the dividend for their total share holdings.

Our team & Advisory board

Nguyen Phu Qui

Founder/BOD Chairman, CFO

Brian Nguyen


Mitchell Pham


Simon Le


Vuong Pham


Huynh Van Vien

Graphic Design Manager

Kelly Quach

Co-founder/CEO Australia Market

Andy Ton

Regional Manager

Juliet Nguyen

President Assistant

Jenny Nguyen

Professional Tranning



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