About us

Vlink Group is a pioneering enterprise with aprimary objective to industrialize the nail and beauty industry. We want to create an ecosystem that provides all of the necessary utilities which the industry requires in a methodical and professional manner. Vlink Group has a deep understanding of the difficulties and shortcomings currently faced, both within the industry and it’s immediate environment. Through a specific vision and strategy, Vlink Group aims to improve the quality of the industry and guarantee ROI for investors.

The Vlink Group is born ata time when the nail business and indeed the beauty industry in general, particularly in the US,is facing many problems. While the overall growth is showing signs of slowing down, the difficulties in maintaining and ensuring service quality while under competitive pressure, coupled with fierce intervention from authorities, is making small nails salons face increasing hardships.

In such a landscape, Vlink Group wants to build a competitive advantage for small nail salons by standardizing and creating a complete ecosystem for this service industry. Specifically, Vlink Group will manage and influence the process of personnel training, quality assurance, facilities and legal procedures to create the best conditions for workers and nail salon owners like, helping them to feel rest assured in their business.

Our vision

“To become the number one Group to link and provide global nail and beauty services, applying 4.0 technology to bring seamless and convenient interaction between nail and beauty salons and their customers, suppliers and technicians.


“To link Vietnamese Talents together in order to renovate and industrialize the nail and beauty industry, upgrading it to a new stable level of development.

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